Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2/6/2018 Grade 6  Complete lesson 15 for tomorrow.

                Grade 7   Complete lesson 9 for tomorrow

                Grade 8 Complete lesson 14 for tomorrow.

Friday, February 2, 2018

2/2/2018 A note to all the parents.
The school will be closed on the 5 of February.

Grade 6   Math  Complete lesson 14 for Tuesday.

Grade 7   Complete lesson 9 for Tuesday.

Grade 8 complete lesson 14 . Note:  x=0   is the y-axis; y=0 is the x-axis.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 1,2018
 Dear parents of 6, 7, and 8 grades,

            I am asking, telling, and I am reminding you to check the school e mail @ ccschoolnyc.org on a daily basis .For, changes occur often some times when we least expected. It is also a sure way to be informed about all the activities that are going on in the school.

           Once again, I am extending to all a well- deserved thanks for checking the website (ccschoolnyc.org)

            Thank you.


Grade 6  Math complete lesson 13 for tomorrow

Grade 7   Math Complete lesson 8 for tomorrow.

Grade 8   practice rewriting each given linear equation in the form of Y = mx + b. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Grade 6 Math :  Complete lesson 12 for tomorrow.
               Science: continue reading lesson 3 ( Biomes )

Grade 7 Math :  Lesson 8 should be done to completion. Take a look at lesson 9 in preparation for tomorrow's lesson.

       Science ; read the lesson about Final Digestion.
 Math 8 :  Complete lesson 14 for tomorrow. Rewrite each equation in the form of y= mx+b.

Friday, January 26, 2018


Grade 6 Science  Read lesson 2 Cycle of Matter. The lesson will be covered in class Monday.
              Math       Complete lesson 10 .the work will be used to explain the lesson .

Grade 7  Math Complete lesson 6 ( keep in mind that -3-3=-6    ;   +8-9= -1)

Grade 8  Go over your notes and read lesson 12 for Monday.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear parents,
            I am asking you to forgive me for not posting the assigned work in my blog. I will post my work from now on .

                              10/26/2017  Grade 6

                                Complete pages 35 - 38  in the Crosswalk book.

                     Grade 7
                                 Complete pages 161 -163 in the  Fundamental of Algebra book.

                      Grade 8
                                 Go over the rules of transformations given in class .

Thursday, April 13, 2017

4/12/2017    Attention Grades 6,7,and 8.

                    Your SCIENCE PROJECT is due on April 25,2017.   Any project submitted after the 25 of April, up to the 28 of April will be graded based on a scale from 0 to 75. No project will be accepted after April the 28. Remember a great science project needs to include or make use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

                 Math assignment  for : Grades 6,7, and 8.
          Go to engageny and type NYSmath exams. The drop down arrow will give you the choices .Select the most recent exam .Do not forget to show your work. Please select your proper grade.

or type NYS math exam on the address bar ,then select the proper window to see a list of the past exams. Once again select the most recent exam for your respective grade.

Remember to be kind,helpful,studious,and respectful during the( Lenten Season.)