Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear parents,
            I am asking you to forgive me for not posting the assigned work in my blog. I will post my work from now on .

                              10/26/2017  Grade 6

                                Complete pages 35 - 38  in the Crosswalk book.

                     Grade 7
                                 Complete pages 161 -163 in the  Fundamental of Algebra book.

                      Grade 8
                                 Go over the rules of transformations given in class .

Thursday, April 13, 2017

4/12/2017    Attention Grades 6,7,and 8.

                    Your SCIENCE PROJECT is due on April 25,2017.   Any project submitted after the 25 of April, up to the 28 of April will be graded based on a scale from 0 to 75. No project will be accepted after April the 28. Remember a great science project needs to include or make use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

                 Math assignment  for : Grades 6,7, and 8.
          Go to engageny and type NYSmath exams. The drop down arrow will give you the choices .Select the most recent exam .Do not forget to show your work. Please select your proper grade.

or type NYS math exam on the address bar ,then select the proper window to see a list of the past exams. Once again select the most recent exam for your respective grade.

Remember to be kind,helpful,studious,and respectful during the( Lenten Season.)

Friday, March 31, 2017

 To all students,
Do not forget to work on the Khan Academy Program for 30 minutes per day.

Grade 6    Math: Use the enVision Text to complete the following pages.
                 Page 81 Ex 10-12
                 page 127  Ex   11-14
                 Page 248 Ex 24-31
                 Page 249 Ex 1-12.

 Grade 7     Math:  Use the Fundamentals of Mathematics to complete the following pages.

                 Page 289  Ex 2,3
                          307 Ex 1,2
                          309 Ex  1,2
                          311 Ex  1,2
                          317 Ex 1,2
                          319  Ex  2
                          321 Ex 2,3

  Grade   8:  Math:     Use the Fundamentals of Mathematics to complete the following pages.
               Page 131 EX   3-4
                        133 Ex 1-2
                        157 Ex 1-2
                        163  Ex 10-12
                        177 Ex   5-8.


Monday, March 27, 2017

3/27/2017       To all parents,
                                          Please make sure that the students/your children come to school tomorrow with a pack of # 2  pencils . The States Exam starts tomorrow.Is is imperative that the children go to bed early.

Grade 6   Complete lesson 11 from the text/Eureka.

Grade 7   Complete lesson 1 of module 4 of the Eureka book.

                Find the volume and the surface area of an octagonal prism with sides measuring 20 in each ,and diameter of 30 in , and a height of 10 inches.

       Grade 8 Complete the problem set of the Eureka's text. page 184-185.

Friday, March 24, 2017

To all the parents of grade 6,7,and8,

      I am asking you to make sure that your son/daughter work for 30 minutes on the KHAN ACADEMY PROGRAM.


                     Complete lessons 8,9,and 10 by Monday.

Grade7  Complete the science assignment given in class today.

    Math  Complete lesson 26 for Monday.

Grade 8 Complete  page 177 Exercises 5-8 using the method of elimination.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

 Grade 6    Math   Complete lesson 10.

       Grade 7   Calculate the surface area and the volume of each figure  from page 313. Exercises 1,3,and 4

        Science    Go over the notes given in class today.

        Grade  8      Complete page 171 of the Foundations of Algebra book.

     For each exercise, 1- Write each equation in the form of y= m x +b
                                  2- State the slope ,the x and y-intercept, state if the graph is increase or decreasing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To all the parents and students,
      It is extremely important for your son/daughter to complete  30 minutes of constructive work from the Khan Academy Program. The time spent in the program will be beneficial to all parties concerned. I am asking you to assist me in preparing the students.

Grade 6      Complete lesson 8 and 9 for tomorrow.   ( Eureka)
                    Science    Read the section on   Radioactive Dating.
Grade 7      Math  Complete lesson 25 for tomorrow.
                   Science   Read the section on The Division of the Nervous System.

Grade 8      Math    Write each system of equation given on page 185 in the form of y= mx+b. ( in other words, solve for y.)